Magazine “Wa!”

Rhoenrad magazine “Wa!” is published by Japan Rhoenrad Association. The magazine contains rhoenrad information in Japan, e.g. event & workshop information, results of competitions, and introduction of Japan national team members.
2020 No.54(March) No.55(June)
2019 No.52(February) No.53(June)
2018 No.49(January) No.50(March) No.51(June)
2017 No.47(March) No.48(June)
2016 No.44(February) No.45(May) No.46(August)
2015 No.41(January) No.42(March) No.43(August)
2014 No.37(January) No.38(March) No.39(May) No.40(October)
2013 No.33(January) No.34(March) No.35(May) No.36(August)
2012 No.30(February) No.31(May) No.32(October)
2011 No.26(February) No.27(April) No.28(July) No.29(December)
2010 No.23(January) No.24 No.25(October)
2009 No.21(March) No.22(July)
2008 No.18(January) No.19(March) No.20(November)
2007 No.14 No.15(May) No.16(July) No.17(October)
2006 No.10(January) No.11 No.12 No.13(October)
2005 No.8(April) No.9(August)
2004 No.6 No.7(1February)
2003 No.4(July) No.5(December)
2002 No.2(June) No.3(December)
2001 No.1(December)